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Bounce House Inflatables are Hot for Birthday Parties

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The Perfect Way to Celebrate

If youââ¢re planning a kidââ¢s birthday party and arenââ¢t sure just how to make it great, thereââ¢s no better option than renting one of our inflatable bounce houses to guarantee the perfect day! Bounce houses are all the rage for birthday parties; theyââ¢re a ton of fun for all the kids, and ours come in a variety of choices, so thereââ¢s one for any theme your child is dreaming of, whether itââ¢s a Disney princess fantasy or a daring underwater adventure. Our equipment is inspected by the State of Texas for the utmost safety, so the kids can bounce the day away without fear. With our inflatable bounce house in Pearland, you canââ¢t go wrong.

Parents Get to Rest Their Feet

Not only are the kids going to have the best time on one of our inflatable bounce houses, but the grownups can have a break, too. Instead of running all over the house trying to keep everyone happy, all you need to do is pull up a chair and keep an eye on the kids as they bounce the day away. In fact, not only do you have less work during the birthday party, but life is easier for you afterwards as well. Since the kids will have tuckered themselves out bouncing all day and need a good nightââ¢s rest, you can skip the bedtime fight and catch up on your own sleep â✠believe it or not, thatââ¢s not too good to be true. You also get to take a breather when it comes to party setup and clean up, since thatââ¢s all on us; we set up and take down all inflatables, and we clean and disinfect them before and after theyââ¢re used, so you donââ¢t have to put in any effort on that front. It may be your childââ¢s birthday party, but when you go with one of our inflatable bounce houses, youââ¢re giving yourself a present, too.

Honest Work by Honest People

We at Party Kids America are a small, family-owned company that is looking to provide quality service for a fair price. We will NEVER spring any hidden fees or unexpected charges on our clients, and we never cut corners when it comes to our services or our equipment. We go above and beyond by working late nights, weekends, and holidays to make sure our clients get the events they want because we understand that our clients lead busy lives with demanding schedules. And we understand that unexpected things happen â✠which is why, in the event of weather that makes the use of our equipment unsafe, our customers have the right to reschedule at no additional charge. We believe in fairness and honesty, and in providing the best service we can to every customer we have.

Plan A Great Birthday Party Today!

Donââ¢t sleep on getting your inflatable bounce house rental organized for your kidââ¢s party! You can us a call at 832-338-5611 or email us at for more information. Go for one of our inflatable bounce houses for the perfect birthday party for your child.

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