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Inflatable Waterslides for Backyard Parties

Summer Fun for the Hottest of Days

There's no better way to keep the kids entertained on a hot summer day than with a waterslide. Whether you're throwing your child a birthday party, planning a big family get together, or hosting all your neighbors for the Fourth of July, you're definitely going to want to set up a waterslide to keep the kids busy. At Party Kids America, we have exactly what you need to make sure your party exceeds your wildest expectations. Our inflatable waterslides in Pearland are perfect for your backyard, and they're the best way to ensure safe fun for the kids without having to put in any effort yourself.

Safety First

If you're thinking of getting an inflatable waterslide for kids to play on, your first concern is probably safety â✠as, of course, it should be. We at Party Kids America are committed to safety, and to making sure that all of our equipment is up to the latest safety standards. All of our inflatable party rentals are inspected and insured by the state of Texas before they are used by a single customer. Your child is as safe as possible with our equipment. On top of that, we also make sanitation a high priority. We disinfect all of our equipment before and after every use, making sure that there are no risks to your child's health or immune system. You don't have to worry about a thingââor lift a finger to clean so much as a square inch: we at Party Kids America have you covered.

Take Some Time for Yourself

Believe it or not, being responsible for young kids donââ¢t mean you canââ¢t still kick back and have a good time. An inflatable waterslide is the perfect way to make sure the kids are entertained without having to sacrifice your time and energy to make sure of it. You and any other parents can take turns supervising from a comfortable perch while catching up, enjoying good food and drinks, soaking in the sunshine, and resting your feetââinstead of running after the kids for hours on end. Parenting may be a full-time job, but it doesnââ¢t have to be a back-breaking one. Let the kids entertain themselves for a change by complementing your party with a Party Kids America inflatable waterslide.

A Company You Can Rely On

Party Kids America isnââ¢t a big corporation out to cut corners on quality or service; weââ¢re a small, family-owned company that cares about families and understands the value of a dollar. We have no hidden fees or nasty surprises in store, and we go out of our way to work late nights, weekends, and even holidays. We set up, clean, and take down our equipment in your own backyard. Organizing a party is enough work on its own, and we at Party Kids America want to make sure you have less to worry about, not more. Go with one of our inflatable waterslides for your next party to make sure itââ¢s a blast for parents and kids alike.

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