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Moonwalk Rentals make Events Better

two young boys climbing on bounce slide
Whatââ¢s a party without a focus attraction? Itââ¢s a gathering of people wondering what they can do for fun. If you a rent a moonwalk or a bounce house or slide, or another kind of inflatable jumper, then you have a party. And thatââ¢s all you need. Our moonwalk rentals in Missouri City, Pearland, Sugar Land and the surrounding areas will make your event even more fun because they give the kids something to keep coming back to throughout the day.

What exactly is a moonwalk?

A moonwalk is an inflatable trampoline structure, usually with enclosed walls for safety, and they are very popular at birthday parties, fairs, picnics, and festivals. It allows kids to jump, or walk around inside a big, puffy, soft surface. They are not always called moonwalks; they are sometimes referred to as spacewalks, bouncy castles, or just inflatables. They are incredibly popular with children; they can stay inside and bounce for hours, if they are allowed.

Fun for all

There are different kinds and themes. Some have water slides attached, or dry slides, or obstacle courses; so whatever the theme of your event, you can find a moonwalk that will fit in with the theme. Different sizes, different ages of interest, and different prices mean that there will be one suitable for every party. The big deal is that they focus the party guestsâ⢠attention on fun and theme, and if those guests are young kids with a lot of energy, especially after a bit of sugar, the moonwalk gives them a place to work off some energy.

They do the work for you

Renting a moonwalk will make the event better for the party planner as well. Included in the rental cost is delivery, set up, and take down. The moonwalk will be inspected, cleaned, and disinfected before and after you rent it, so thatââ¢s another thing not to have to worry about. They will also give you a list of tips and guidelines for safe, convenient operation. Voila! All done. You just have to provide the space, and once set up, no other games or movies are necessary. Just provide drinks and birthday cake and let the kids play inside the bounce house.

They can help with even more

While you are looking into renting a moonwalk for your event, check out the other things that the rental company has to offer. They can also help with food, popcorn machines, hot dog machines, and more. If your event is big enough that you will need a lot of party planning, you may find that the bounce house rental company can provide everything for you.

When a child comes to a party and sees the bounce house on site, his or her eyes will light up, and all of the kids will be excited to get out of the car and start playing. There is nothing better than bouncing around with their friends, making up games, and having fun in the castle. So, consider what Party Kids America can do to help you put on a great event for one basic price. It will be a day to enjoy, remember, and repeat as soon as possible.

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